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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Last Year


             What a year!

My last year of a public school teacher is almost done. Can I get a cheer? I have almost made it. My plan for the blog is to finish out the remainder of the year with a few reflections, and then it is on to a new chapter in my life.

I thought I would share a few changes to my bio from the "Meet the Coach" post/page. 

For one, my daughter graduated from Auburn, met her love, got a job, and married the perfect match for her on February 1st of this year. We had fun planning the wedding, although they are very costly and a bit stressful:) However, the week of the wedding was the now infamous deep freeze that paralyzed Atlanta and Birmingham. Tyler's (my new son-in-law) parents spent the night in a Publix parking lot in Atlanta. A couple of the girls in the wedding live in Birmingham, so by Saturday, I was just relieved they all made it safely.
The day turned out to be pretty and pleasant. You can read more about it here.

Yes, I am proud.

Had to include this picture b/c the next picture of me coming up is so horrible:)

My fantastic husband of almost 30 years is now the principal of a high school. I think they are so lucky to have him. He is a fantastic leader and in my humble opinion, the very best. I am grateful for his leadership in our home.

Board meeting.
Terrible picture of me!!!

Well, I have great plans for myself. I am excited about what the future holds.
I will be blogging this summer at my new blog...

I Majored in Home Economics


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