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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fun Day at Florosa

 On Thursday, Mrs. McGlynn spear headed a fun day of space/aviation/science fun for the third graders. With the help of the fabulous third grade teachers, they had some great teamwork going. The students didn't need a field trip to have a full day of fun learning. The third grade teachers at Florosa are fun to work with. They always are the most flexible and do their job in the science lab with no whining, so I was not surprised when I went down to their pod to see each of them working together to give the students a day of learning that had students fully engaged.

Each teacher had a lesson prepared and then shared with each homeroom group throughout the day. One did a lesson on Mars, another on food in space, another balloon rockets, another straw rockets, and another on Bernoulli's theory. As I poked my head in each group to take a look, the kids were definitely having a great time.

I finally remembered to pull out my phone and take a few photos...some a little too late. I was so proud of all the teachers though. I love when you see teamwork by the teachers.
Kind of rare these days...
Students made a Bernoulli mask after learning about how low pressure is created above an airplane wing with fast moving air that then causes the air pressure to be high beneath the wing which helps it to create lift. The students blew through the hole which caused the strip of paper to rise.

Like I said I remembered too late to get pictures, but the students used these homemade straw rocket launchers made by the Hurlburt AFA members for teacher workshops.
The students used these to launch for not only distance, but target accuracy as well.

Some of the targets were laying flat on the floor while others were hanging.

One teacher taught about Mars and the students made a timeline of facts.

And I am sad that I got no pictures of the students using the balloon rockets and measuring for distance traveled or the lesson on eating in space. 

One of the dad pilots shared several video clips with the students. This is showed night vision and another I saw had them doing drops of cargo into a very small targeted area.

They shared some of the planes that fly over in our area.

They ended up in the multipurpose room with a guest author, and then their very own military dad pilots' as guest speakers. They loved this. I loved how well behaved they were and how attentive they were. Good job third graders.

Each time I see our very own military doing things in the schools like this, I am reminded of how lucky we are to live in our area. Each room had volunteers from Hurlburt helping out with the projects going on in each of the rooms.

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