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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

View from the Science Station

Thought everyone might like to see pictures of all three of the schools. All are similar in that they contain similar materials, but yet different because each one has a different layout.

All of the rooms contain 6 large tables used for the Pitsco Missions in our intermediate grades. Round tables were purchased for the center of the room before I came on the scene. The purpose was to be a starting point before the students started their missions. Sadly, they aren't really utilized. They are used by teachers place to place their stuff and a location that I use to put anything out that I want the teachers to use or notice. I do however like them because for teacher training they are nice. In our smaller schools that makes floor space tight for the primary teachers who really like to start on the floor.


Storage is different at all three schools. One is a very large room and has some cabinets. We have made a storage area for our kits in a corner by turning a cabinet sideways and making a huge area behind to store materials as you can see from the two photos below.

One of the schools has a great storage closet. The kits are stored on one side for Kindergarten through 2nd grade.

This is a close up  view of some of the kindergarten through 2nd grade kits.

The following is a close up view of our kindergarten kits.

The picture below is a few of our second grade kits.

The next picture is the other side of the storage closet. It contains the materials that fill the bins out in the lab for the third through fifth grades. 

Along the back wall of the lab, we have some tubs that came with an old science series. We use those to hold supplies from everything to beakers to batteries.

On of the schools is the tiniest of them all. I struggle mightily for storage at this location, but sometimes you take what you can get. All of the labs are very similar in the components of the labs, but yet very different in how you can fit it all in there. We are in our third and final year of the grant, but as you can see each school will be left with a lab ready to go.

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