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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Great Space Race Freebie

I am beginning to go through all of my science stuff as I getting closer to that retirement date. Yippie!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I would share a freebie with you today. I love the history of space exploration. I don't know why, but it has always fascinated me. I have shared a small portion of that love in these posts. I had a space theme running through my classroom for many years. From my Sunshine Math program to the big production - aka Space Play presented to the parents at the end of the school year.

One activity that I shared with my students was a little history of the United States / Soviet Union Space Race that kicked off before I was born with the launching of the Sputnik satellite. The Space Race was a major event for most of my childhood, and I followed it closely after I was old enough and then studied everything I could get my hands on after that. I would say my love for it began with a LIFE magazine and then really went in to overdrive in about 2nd grade when the little fuzzy TV rolled into the classroom. Thanks Mrs. Bates and Repton Elementary.

Anyway, I am sharing a PowerPoint that I made to go through the major events. This PowerPoint was inspired by a Mini Page. The Mini Page had a series of events that were considered firsts in the Space History and milestones.

After reading through this, I got the idea to highlight some example of the Space Race between the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialists' Republic (USSR) from the 1960's. I tried to bring out that throughout that decade it would seem they were beating us, but they were taking chances that we would not take with our astronauts. Depending on the grade level I was teaching determined how in depth I went with the topic. 
However, there is so many things to highlight about the good in our country. I think this was an incredible endeavor and believe it is important to teach to share with the next generation what we can do as a nation. There trip to greatness may be Mars or just solving problems that exist in our world.

Here is a copy of the PowerPoint. I was not so specific in the notes portion, because I just have it stored in the head:)

I took the events then and made a worksheet that could students could follow along as we went through the PowerPoint and add the dates to it. Then the sheet could be cut apart to put the dates in order. Timeline skills!!! Here is a copy of the worksheet.

Below are some pictures of what it looked like. As you can see, easy activity, nothing special. I guess if I were more motivated, I would spruce it up and put it on Teachers Pay Teachers. Truth is I would rather just share and hope that I helped someone else, and I don't know if it would fly with copyright issues on all those prints. Many of those are available via NASA.

Pretty plain as you can see, but it takes care of timelines and historical facts.

This one is a bit more doctored up, but still really plain.

The picture below is the picture on the top of the second student piece. I got it from an old book, but I am sure you can find something similar.

I loved how it had us winning by making it to the moon!!! Go USA!

Hopefully, someone out there shares my passion and can use the idea.

Love this one too. Taken from an old Time for Kids.

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