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Thursday, November 7, 2013


I absolutely love the blog Venspired. She inspires me. The author poses thought provoking questions for teachers as well as much needed encouragement.
Amazing printable posters and thoughts as well!

I just read her latest post and had to share. You may read it yourself and see her great poster that goes with the post by going here. She poses a though that I have always liked. Instead of learning targets which are all required to do these days, why not post questions?

These questions might lead children to ponder what is coming next instead of telling them. She suggests when we tell them what they will be learning we really take the fun out of it. I loved her illustration for her thinking, but I felt my story topped hers:) no - the real truth is it lead me to a more personal story when I was reading hers.

When we are young, there is so much anticipation when the presents start showing up under the Christmas tree. They are wrapped and we wonder... did Mama really listen, did she get the right one, why is that one so heavy..???

        I remember one year, I thought I would die if I didn't get the exact purse that I had shown Mama at Gayfers. (Mind you —I have a thing for purses—just ask anyone in my family.) I remember Mama leaving the house one day, and I literally couldn't take it anymore, so I unwrapped it very carefully to see, and then slid it to the back of the presents, so she wouldn't notice. Yes, she did get the right one. Now, knowing took the fun out of Christmas Eve.

But, isn’t that just what we want our students to do….anticipate what is coming and have those discussions about the topic before we even get started. It is sort of like what we learned way back in the day for teaching reading when we set up the background knowledge and eagerness to actually dive into the story in the basal.
Venspired says….
Post a question. Bring back curiosity and thinking back  to the classroom.

I know – I know…for now we will write our learning targets until the wheels of change move forward a little:)

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