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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Science Word Walls

Word Walls are a way to display key vocabulary. We know research tells us that in order for their vocabulary to be "established", students must have many interactions with the words. Word Walls would be one way to accomplish this. Eric Jensen writes in his book, Environments for Learning, that new concepts are often best when presented above eye level on a side wall.

Space is limited in our classrooms and we want to make sure we don't overpower them with too much clutter, so what can we do? I am no expert, but one thought might be to have a content word wall on a side area of your room. I would think in order to avoid clutter and in  keeping with Mr. Jensen's ideas of putting something out there a few days before you actually get into studying it, that you would only put one unit's (or topic of study) words at a time. You could display the new list on the current test day. Then, they are exposed to them before the actual introduction.

I read a Reading Rockets article on word walls that suggests you display the words in bold, black letters with any color background. I have seen many with picture clues as well. I like those especially for younger children.

The key to word walls is that they are used. Interact with the words on a daily basis!!!!!

I love the ones below from http://www.ashleigh-educationjourney.com/ . She has a unit list here. Very neat!
Below you will also see the link to her word wall post and a wonderful notebook page she made. I had been thinking of making one, but she has already made it perfect!!!


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