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Monday, February 11, 2013

Kindergarten: Our next generation of engineers.

Engineering standards are on their way, but I am confident by next year that the students in our DoDEA labs will be ready for them. I wrote about the addition of the engineering standards to our upcoming revisions in the science standards here. Most kindergarten children could be described as little engineers the moment they enter their classrooms. They are ready to build, explore, and discover new things.

These two students worked together to build quite a lengthy project. "They had a doghouse as well as a place for the dog to stand so that he could be a guard dog."

 At Florosa today, two groups of kindergarteners visited the lab. Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Koch brought their classes in to work with the LEGOs. They did an amazing job of working together and sharing in the building of all sorts of things with their Playhouse set. This was their first visit, so we talked about what engineers do and how to work cooperatively. The students explored all of the pieces and built whatever they wanted. The goal was to learn what pieces were in the set and how these pieces fit together, as well as the function of the pieces. Teamwork was stressed in the building process.

These two girls worked very cooperatively together and planned all of their steps together.

The creations were amazing, but even more than the actual creations... was the discussion that took place between the students and what they shared about each of their creations.

 These students had built stairs and had even made a pattern with the colors of the steps.

The two boys in this group had worked on a playground. I loved their tree. There were no pictures of this that they copied. They thought of this own their own.

Now, the students will go back and do more sharing about their first builds in class. This will fit right in with the common core language standards (LACC.1.SL.1.1 and LACC.1.RI.1.1). I am quite sure they will get to write and illustrate more about their builds:)

I am so excited about our littlest learners. They did an outstanding job and are looking forward to coming back. Next time, they will have a specific idea to build with some specifications to it. I am sure they are ready for the challenge.

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