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Friday, August 3, 2012

Two really good ideas for a new year

I know we are all gearing back up looking and thinking for all those new ideas. Summer is wonderful, because it allows us to reflect on things we want to improve on from the previous year. I have been blog stalking and reading! I thought I would share two ideas that I came across, although they aren't just science related.

The  2 Sisters have a new electronic Pensieve. It looks fabulous. I don't know how much longer you can look at it so hop over and see a preview of it. http://www.thedailycafe.com/public/2367.cfm If I were still teaching reading I would love that!!! On that note, I will sharing very soon some cool apps that I found useful.

The second really cool idea came from The Clutter Free Classroom. I love this site. She always has great room ideas with lots of photos. She has recently gotten rid of all her store bought posters. I nearly died last year just trying to pack up my classroom from nearly 30 years of stuff. I had an unbelievable emotional attachment to my stuff. She made some really good points in the  post called...."anchor chart planning and management (teacher tip #20). One of which was that she doesn't just act on something because someone says latest research. I posted earlier this summer on being open to try new things here, but I always like to try and think for myself. Through her personal experience in the classroom she has found that the kids pay no attention to those posters that we put up all year. They tune in more to the charts made in class together. I loved that someone else was like me on this. I just have to have NEAT!!! She had an idea to solve what she calls "the messy problem" when making anchor charts. She talks about rough drafts vs. publishing. At the end she writes rough draft on the chart they made together, then asks how it could be made to look nice enough to publish. Then she can redo it and I so would do that:)

Always looking for new things like a good pathfinder...

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