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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Classification Lesson with Shoes & more...

Here is an idea for teaching how scientists classify living things. Scientists classify living things into 5 kingdoms; animal, plant, fungi, protist, and monera.  They try to group them according to like characteristics. As an opening to the lesson, you could do a demonstration using shoes. Bring in a variety of shoes from your family. Display them at the front and then have students create ways to categorize the shoes. You can have them start with something that will make large groups such as dressy vs. active wear or closed-toe vs. open-toe. Then have them get creative with their groupings, but always justifying what they have in common.

Here is a sample of what you could bring...

You could look for things such as, what is their purpose; colors, sandals, athletic shoes, and the list could go on and on. I am sure they will discover that some shoes could fit in both categories, but just like those animals and plants one group wins out over the other. You could have them see that some categories would contain more shoes than others. The possibilities to this lesson are endless. It is good way to get them thinking though, so that when they look at the classification chart in their textbooks they do just more than glance at it.

MORE to do...

Since you took the trouble to bring the shoes in, you could use them for a reading lesson on choosing a good fit book.  The link below is to a lesson done by the 2 Sisters with the Daily 5. Shoes are a perfect way to illustrate choosing a good fit book as well.

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