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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fabulous Field Trip on Our Beautiful Coast

Fourth graders at Florosa Elementary are soooo lucky to have Mrs. King as their science teacher. She took students on a field trip that was not only educational, but oh so fun too!!! They visited Gulf Islands National Seashore on Okaloosa Island and studied first hand the environment around them. Many of the students admitted they go to the beach every weekend, but don’t pay much attention to what is right around them. We are so blessed to live here along the Emerald Coast. This field trip will probably make them take notice the next time they are at the beach.

Mrs. King spent a week last summer with the FMSEA learning how to set up an exploratory field trip for her students. After having a blast herself and her mind full of ideas, she came home and wrote a Target grant to fund her plans. She was able to pay for all of her supplies and transportation for three days, so that she could take each of the three groups she teaches on their own day. HOW FUN is that?!

Students were divided up into four stations with volunteers assigned to each group. Mrs. King said the volunteers were awesome! Each student had a clipboard, a hand lens,  and a mechanical pencil to take notes for each station. 
Look!!!! even a field guide book.

            One station had the students wading near the shore and taking turns pulling the seine net with partners, or using the dip nets to catch fish, crabs, and on one occasion an octopus.

Another station had students sifting sand and wading in the shallow water along the beach to identify living and nonliving things hidden in the sand. They found bristle (polychete) worms, small clams, small crabs, rocks, and shells.

A third station had students wearing gardening gloves and pulling apart clumps of oysters. They found copepods, worms, tiny fish, and crabs living in the cracks and crevices.

The fourth station consisted of using field guides and bug nets. The students identified plants and creepy crawlies living near the dune line.

Fun and learning was the word of the day. 
War Eagle!!! I couldn't resist:)

I can't wait until next year. I think this field trip is going to be calling my name!!!!

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