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Friday, April 13, 2012

Space: The Final Frontier

My absolutely most favorite thing I did in my class each year was to present our space play to the parents every May. It was a culminating event in our class, since space or aviation studies in some way permeated every thing I did in my class. To say I am obsessed is an understatement. I went to Space Camp many years ago. One of the things I received was a play to use with the children. I immediately came back and did that the following spring. It was a hit with both the kids and parents. Besides the fun and the learning that took place, I discovered a wonderful thing. We did it as the days were wearing down and kids had that “I don’t want to do anything else attitude” and the discovery was that I had the most well-behaved, on task kids ever. They loved it!!!! The students made all the decorations. We turned the classroom into space. We read the play over and over and practiced, but never memorized it. I didn’t want it to be perfect and become a burden to them.

It is by far one of my most special memories each year with the class. As time went on, I had to rewrite the play to match what was going on at NASA which made it even more exciting because they were dreaming about that future. They had to as a class design a mission patch that told their play’s story.

GREAT FUN!!! The next pictures are from two of the most recent years that I did it.


The crew of Expedition —STS-06 launched and landed on Mars!

Here is our set…You will see DASA (aka- Dolphin Aeronautics and Space Administration) Headquarters, Mission Control, Tranquility Base —(our Moon base camp), and then the space transport, Expedition with Mars. 

 Our mission patch was designed by the students. They chose a star shape. We have talked a lot about the Hubble Space Telescope so that prompted that design. They are leaving Florida on the space transport, Expedition. They designed a more modern version of the shuttle; it looks a little more like a fighter jet/ space plane. They have a dolphin for the school mascot on Florida to represent Cape Shalimar. Moon and Mars are the two places we landed, so they make up a large part of our patch. The American flag is part of the design because we are proud to be Americans and exploring the cosmos for our country. The sash says to the Moon, Mars, and Beyond. That was Mrs. Palmer’s goal to inspire the students to look to the future. 

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