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Monday, April 23, 2012

Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

Lesson Plan using CRISS strategies…

Two great CRISS strategies are “Read and Say Something” and “RAFT”. The following is a lesson plan idea I used a couple of years ago in a 5th grade class to teach students that the limited supply of usable energy sources (such as: fuels such as oil or coal) places great significance on the development of renewable energy resources. That standard has been moved to fourth grade, so I will provide the NGSSS as the standard for this lesson plan.

Recognize that humans need resources found on Earth and that these are either renewable or nonrenewable.

Materials Needed:
  • Science nonfiction book (either text or leveled reader)
  • RAFT poster and writing sample
  • Vocabulary poster or PowerPoint

Pre-reading strategy…
  • Activate prior knowledge of renewable and nonrenewable resources with a PowerPoint of vocabulary word wall.
  • Explain the "Read and Say Something" CRISS strategy. 
What is the “Read and Say Something” strategy and when it is it used?

Rather than letting students struggle with the meaning of a difficult text alone, have them work with a partner so they grapple with meaning together.
  • Have students read their assignment silently or aloud to each other, paragraph-by-paragraph or page-by-page. (The more difficult assignment calls for paragraph-by-paragraph.)
  • After students have completed the paragraph, have them turn to their partner and say something. They can say anything they wanted related to the material. They react to ideas, description, images, and confusing sections.
  • You may want to practice this and model it ahead of time.

Have students read the selected text on the topic of renewable and nonrenewable resources. This could even be material read over the course of a few days to include the textbook, articles from magazines such as TIME for Kids, or nonfiction library books. 

Then teach students about the RAFT strategy and share examples.

What is the RAFT strategy?
RAFT is a formatted writing assignment that can be used to assess whether the students have mastered the objective. A rubric could be used to grade it.

RoleYour role will be that of a nonrenewable resource, such as coal or fossil fuels.

Audience – Your audience will be humans on Earth.

Format – You will be writing a warning resource.

Topic and Strong Verb – You will admonish (SV) humans for using you up and not planning ahead for the possibility that you will not last forever.

Admonish - 1 to criticize or warn gently but seriously. 2 to give friendly advice to.


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