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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Love to look at classroom pics

Am I the only one who loves to look at pictures of other classrooms? I think not, since ProTeacher has a whole page devoted to teachers posting the pictures of their classrooms. Just thought I would post my last classroom pictures on that final day of pre-planning. That is the best it will ever look:) Darn those kids...the audacity that they might show up and make it somewhat less than perfect. It was one of the largest rooms I have ever had and had a teacher office that could store all my stuff (and --oh did I have a lot of stuff)!

Looking toward the front from my desk which is in the back. You can see the hallways on either side of the whiteboard. These lead to the hallway. Behind the white board, between those two hallways is my teacher office.

 The teacher office. I loved this, although it could get junky at times.

Standing in the back of the classroom to the right of the white board was the first of two hallways that led out to the main hall. Cubbies on the right and the fiction part of my classroom library on the left.

A closer view of the fiction library.

A closer view of the cubbies. I used the top row for storage of workbooks and leveled readers.On top were my space treasures (autographs)!!!

This is down the left side of the classroom facing my desk and reading group table.

Under the Daily 5 headings, I posted my I charts. 

Between the Daily 5 I charts and the reading group table was the CAFE board and on the counter more of my space treasures. (Remember, I said I was slightly obsessed in the post called "Meet the Coach".

Close up of my reading group table with my CAFE notebook and clipboard of the Status of the Class. Both are talked about under the post about the CAFE.

My curtains above the reading table. I made them!!!! I love to sew

A view from in front of the whiteboard looking to the back.

Oh my...it is looking so neat and organized. Give it two weeks:) 

At the back on the right side. This leads out to our tomato growing area. Also, you will see part of my nonfiction library.

The right side of the classroom. Word study area on the right . 

You may have noticed all the plants in the room. I added lots of plants this year after reading Eric Jensen's books. More about him coming. I loved them. I really did feel like they made a huge difference in the atmosphere of the room.

Closer view of Word Study area.

The other hallway to the left of the whiteboard. Behind the cart was the entrance to my teacher office.

My location to post those objectives! and my clip chart. I will post more about the clip chart later.

Well, that's the "50 cent tour" of my classroom. Hope you felt welcome!!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your classroom. I am a middle school teacher, and like you, I love to look at other classrooms! I like your "office cubby". I am also happy to see the cursive letters posted. YOur curtains are darling!