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Friday, April 13, 2012

Future Farmers

I always love the spring of the year. I really think I could love being a farmer…maybe when I retire! I love those shared readings with books such as Charlotte’s Web and my all time favorite Love Ruby, Lavender. They just bring out that need to grow something.
For more years than I want to count, March meant planting time in Mrs. Palmer’s room. Tomatoes to be exact. Every year, I would make a trip to Crestview Nurseries to get my potting soil and tomato plants. They were generous each year and gave me buckets to plant our tomatoes in.
The students would each get a plant to care for… I always tried to time the planting and the tomato plant selection so that they would see tomatoes growing before the year ended. Early Girls were a good selection because they didn’t get too big and had a short maturity date. Patio tomatoes are also good to use for size, but most take too long to mature so that the students can see them before they go home for summer. Of course, I always let them take their bucket home on the last week of school.
The following two pictures are right after planting.

The next few pictures are after they have grown a bit.

 After reading Love, Ruby Lavender one year, I added zucchini also. What Fun!!!

Third grade always get the cabbage plants from Bonnie, so I encourage them to try growing them. As you can see, one of my students did a fabulous job. We entered her in the contest. How could she have not won?

 I also obtained basil seeds that were flown above the space shuttle on STS-118 with Barbara Morgan, teacher astronaut. We planted those and did a little research.

Graphics on this page are from http://www.hshpgraphics.com

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