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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meet the Coach

I have been teaching since 1983. Time does fly ---it is hard to believe I am in my 31st year of teaching. I left the classroom to take the job as science coach three years ago. I have always enjoyed teaching science, so I consider this a fun way to spend my last few years of the career. I have had the privilege for the last three years to open science labs in three schools. The science labs are part of a DODea grant (Department of Defense Education Activity). I am at three schools each week in the "Science Stations" working with students and their teachers. The goal of the grant is promote  a love of science with children as well as promote science content with teachers.

We can instill a love for science at an early age. Children naturally love the subject. I can remember my first experiences with science. I discovered the books that I had in elementary school on Ebay. I purchased many of them including my science, social studies, and reading books.

These are my science books for grades 3-5. I actually have the set for grades 1-5.

I still remember my third grade teacher, Mrs. Dees, doing this experiment as we all gathered around her desk.

On a side note, I love collecting old science books on my favorite topic, space. In fact, I collect space books period...A frequent sentiment from my husband is "how many books are you going to order?" :)

Now for a bit about me...
I was born and raised in Alabama. I graduated from Auburn University, and it was there that I met my husband, Jeff who is a FWB native. Jeff is a middle school principal. We have two children, Lindsay and Paul-Allen. Lindsay is a senior at Auburn this year. She is carrying on the family tradition. WAR EAGLE! Paul Allen is attending Northwest Florida State. It seems like only yesterday they were in elementary school with me. Whew!!! We also have 2 or 3? dogs! That means we have 2 here all the time and Lindsay has one at college with her, so when she is home, we have three. It can get a little nutty around here sometimes. Lucy is a 7 year old Springer Spaniel, Lemony is a 3 year old Golden Retriever, and Gracie (Lindsay's dog) is a 4 year old greyhound mix. They are lots of fun even though they can be very messy. I love dogs!!!

Lemony and Lucy
My hobbies include reading , especially about history and space. I might just be a space nerd! I   have loved it since I was a kid and grew up at the right time to be fascinated by it. Maybe there is a bit of farmer in me also, because I love growing things, especially roses and geraniums. I like to sew and cross-stitch, but those hobbies have often taken a back seat to doing things with my family and working with preschoolers at my church.

While in the classroom, my mission for the class was...To provide a safe learning experience that encourages children to explore the world around them and to continue their intellectual and academic growth. I want to challenge and nurture each student in such a way that they are willing to work hard and then enjoy the fruits of their labor. The only difference is now...I want to encourage and support teachers as they teach science in ever-changing times.

 I can't think of a better, more rewarding job except for being a mother. I truly have been blessed.
It is my hope that as I near retirement and work in my new position, that I can share some encouragement to teachers out there.



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